4 Tips / Ways to Become a Real Gamer / Gamers

Before we see the contents of the article, it’s good to know what Gamers and Gamers are. Gamers are individuals who like a game and are usually active in a game forum they like and are usually willing to sacrifice for the game they love.

Whereas Gamers are a collection of people who like the same game and engage in group activities in games that they like such as participating in tournaments, family gatherings, and others. Gamers are also usually willing to sacrifice for the game they like. And to become a Gamer / Gamers in general need to do these 4 tips.

pro gamers

Okay here are the tips:

Tip 1: Like a video game first

These first tips are the basic key for those of you who are interested in becoming a Gamers / Gamers. Try first a game then if you are interested in the game you can try to like the game. It doesn’t matter if the game you like is an Offline game or an Online game (the important thing is that you already like a game). If you already like the game you like it means you can be considered an “amateur” level Gamers.

Tip 2: Master the game you like

This second tip is one way so that we can be considered talented in the games we like. Gamers / gamers usually struggle so they can master the games they like. In fact, they are usually willing to play games until they forget the time just to try to master a game. And usually if we are already addicted to there will be side effects that have a negative effect on the game player. So I suggest not to forget the time when playing games. But if you have mastered a game, it means that you can already say “amateur level2” Gamers / Gamers.

Tip 3: Join a game forum

If you want to know more information about the game, you are required to join a game forum. There you will meet lots of gamers / gamers from various regions and even various countries. Therefore you must be fluent in English to communicate with game players from abroad. In forums there are also usually interesting events for game players and you will definitely feel proud if you join a game forum. If you have taken part in the forum, you can say you are “Level 3 amateur Gamers”

Tip 4: Don’t be stingy with the game you like

Not gamers / gamers, the name is still stingy money. Gamers usually spend money to beautify their favorite games such as buying PC gaming, HD speakers, gaming headsets, gaming laptop, and others. A gaming laptop usually is more expensive than an usual laptop. But if you only have a limited budget, you can read this guide – best gaming laptop under $1200. Usually if we are already working with a game we will be competing to be the best and coolest in the game. But this method is not required if you do not have money. And usually those who do this method are people with economic levels above the average. But if you follow this method, you can say that “semi-pro” gamers.

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